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Landlord Insurance | Coverages


Coverage for your home and any attached structure such as a deck or garage.

Other Structures

Covers structures on your property that are not attached to your home such as a fence, gazebo or detached garage. This coverage is roughly 10% of your Dwelling Coverage but can be increased.

Personal Property/Contents

Your personal possessions that you leave in the unit such as furniture or appliances.

Landlord Liability

Provides coverage for incidents occurring anywhere in the world and protects against lawsuits for which you may be liable.

Medical Payments to Others

Coverage for others that may be injured at your residence.

Loss of Rents

Covers loss of rental income if the home is damaged by a covered loss and is no longer habitable.

Actual Cash Value Settlement (ACV)

Certain items of the home will be replaced using an Actual Cash Value Settlement which is the full replacement cost less any applicable depreciation. Items such as fencing can be commonly paid using an ACV settlement.

Optional Coverages

Water Back Up of Sewer or Drain

Covers outside water that enters the plumbing system and backs up inside the home through drains.

Ordinance or Law Coverage

Local ordinances or laws regulating construction or repair of the home. This coverage will pay for code updates if the insurer is paying a claim on a covered loss.

Equipment Breakdown

Covers electrical and mechanical failures of equipment at your home, from air conditioners and heating units to computers and major appliances.

Service Line Coverage

Covers damage to buried utility lines that service the home such as drain lines, water lines and electrical lines.

Replacement Cost Coverage

Covers the cost to replace or repair an item at its full value without deduction of depreciation.

Earthquake Coverage

Covers damages sustained to your home from an earthquake.

Flood Coverage

Covers damage caused to your home from a flood. This policy has to be purchased separately and is not covered under a Homeowners Policy.

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