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Workers' Compensation Insurance | Coverages

Workers Compensation

Required coverage for employers who employ 3 or more employees in the state of Georgia. Coverage requirements vary by state. Workers Compensation coverage provides benefits to employees who are injured while performing work-related duties.

Employers Liability

Provided with a workers compensation policy, protects the business owner who may be liable for an injury to an employee for a job-related injury that is not covered under Workers Compensation law.

Optional Coverages

Waiver of Subrogation

The insurer waives its right to subrogate third parties who may be responsible for an injury.

Voluntary Compensation and Employers Liability Coverage Endorsement

This endorsement is used to provide these coverages to employees who are not subject to the state’s workers compensation law.

Partners, Officers and Others Endorsements

We provide the option to include or exclude partners, officers or others under the workers compensation policy.

Loss Control Services

A complimentary service provided by our experienced team of loss control consultants. Our goal is to help you identify solutions for potential gaps in safety programs and risk mitigation.

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